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Professional Sweeping Contractor

Commercial and Parking Area Sweeping
As one of the largest property maintenance companies based in the Carolinas, we are fortunate to have more than 50 retail properties, including some of  the states largest shopping malls and  power-strip centers. 
Our goal is to make life easier on the property mananger, offeriing key services such as sweeping, landscape, snow removal, signage and lighting as well as other projects such as window cleaning and pressure washing just to mention a couple. 
Property managers and owners enjoy the no-hassle approach to complete property maintenance offered by SoCo.  Your property will be kept sparkling clean by our experienced operators, who are additionally trained to keep an eye out for anything that looks amiss on your grounds such as pavement damage, abandoned spaces, lighting problems and any other issues at your location.
With today's competitive environment, the first impresson is a definitely a factor in attracting or repelling a prospective customer or tenant.  One of the most important factors in appearance.  Parking lots, common areas and sidewalks free of debris will make a prositive first impression.  SoCo's job is to enhance the look and safety of your business environment. 
Although we started as a landscape company, we have now evolvd into a full service property maintenace provider.  With just one call, SoCo can provide you with just about any outside maintenance solution. 



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